Event: Dragon Invasion

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Event: Dragon Invasion

Postby Master Sword » Tue Mar 13, 2018 10:53 pm

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Ancient dragon gods are bearing grudges against human. They bullied humans, provoked humans and invaded humans. To reverse this situation, humans are getting ready to hit back.

Starting date: every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

1. Alliance leader or elder shall open the event in Event Center when event begins;
2. New alliances are created for more than 24 hours;
3. Only members who have joined the alliance for more than 24hrs will be able to take part in this event;
4. The number of Alliance members who have joined for over 24hrs must be not less than 10.

* Monsters of the Dragon Relics will begin to invade all alliance members in 30 mins after the event started. There are 30 waves of attacks, each wave lasts for 10 mins;

* During the defending phase, lords who are in an alliance are allowed to send troops to support the defending; monster invasions will stop if you fail to defend the waves twice;

* In the Dragon Invasion, wounded troops won’t die during the defending. Please pay attention to the capacity of your First-aid Tent in case the wounded number goes beyond the capacity thus cause loss of troops.

1. Personal rewards

◇ Personal Wave Rewards will be given according to the waves you successfully defended;
◇ Personal Ranking Rewards will be given according to the credit rankings among alliance members;
◇ Credit Rewards will be given when credit has reached the listed requirements;
2. Alliance rewards
◎ Alliance Wave Rewards will be given accordingly when all participated alliance members of an alliance have successfully defended a certain number of waves;
◎ Alliance Ranking Rewards will be given according to the rankings of credit-sums of the alliance among all alliances;
3. Extra rewards
Extra rewards will be given when all participated members of an alliance have successfully defended 30 waves of invasions.

Note: The difficulty of the event will escalate as the average castle level of all players in the server rises.

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