Event: Love and Blessings

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Event: Love and Blessings

Postby Master Sword » Fri Feb 09, 2018 6:02 pm

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Dear Lords,

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, start planning for your date. It is the season of love and celebrations, so make the most of it by dating, chatting, and playing… and of course spending some precious time with the ones you love. Come and play with the goddess, you will get bountiful gifts as a return. Details are as follows:

Event Time: 2018/2/10 00:00 ~2018/2/22 23:59(PST)
Server: S1-Glaciers

Event 1: Valentine‘s Day Daily Goals
During the event time, you can complete and claim event quests 5 times daily which will be reset at server time 00:00 of each day. Details are as follows:
* Train 300 cavalry(s).
* Train 300 infantry(s).
* Forge 1 piece of equipment.
* Train 300 archer(s).
* Eliminate creatures in the world 10 time(s).
* Draw lottery 3 time(s).

Event 2: Goddess Comes
During the event time, Goddess will appear in the event page. The higher level Goddess reaches, the more rewards you can get. Goddess’s experience can be acquired by interacting with her. During the interaction with Goddess, you will receive buff bonus but 4 buff bonuses max at a time. When Goddess’s level reaches certain criteria, rewards will be delivered through in-game mail accordingly!

Event 3: Valentine‘s Day Decoration on Sold
During the event time, Valentine‘s Day Decoration will be sold in store, and the decoration is effective permanently.

Come join and get more fun!

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