May Day Event

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May Day Event

Postby 1065490 » Thu Apr 27, 2017 8:02 am

Given the things you can do with Gold in this game (pretty much everything), and the MASSIVE benefits gained by increasing your VIP level, the rewards you are offering for purchasing Gold during those times seems... excessive. A player purchasing that much Gold is already going to be dominating the server because there are a very limited number of players willing to spend that kind of money on a game like this, and we don't have that many players in the first place. The term "game balance" has been brought up many times in my various discussions with you, and events like this BREAK any semblance of game balance that the game could hope to have. I understand the game isn't producing the kind of revenue you had hoped for, but this "solution" is short term, and if taken advantage of by the wrong player, could cause a large number of players to quit. This sort of event needs to wait until you can a) fix the massive problems with game balance that currently exist (including the presence of alt characters, spies, the population imbalance, the ability of any single player to DOMINATE every single event, the ability of players to steal EVERYTHING that a character is carrying, and the ability to repeatedly attack the same player multiple times in a single crossing of the Open Sea), and b) attract new players to the game (see previous suggestions for necessary steps to get them to stay).

As I've mentioned, the amount of money you're asking people to spend on the game is ludicrous. $1,000? I only know of one idiot who would pay that much money, just to get an advantage in an online, facebook game. Apparently, she is such a loser in real life that she has to resort to paying her way to the top in online games in order to make her life have meaning (which it still doesn't, but that's her illusion). There are multiple items in the Gold system that also need an overhaul, including the pricing of Gold, the VIP system and benefits at the various levels, and the amount of Gold required for various items (especially the "game of chance" items like fishing and undersea treasure hunt).

Please STOP trying to run events and put your efforts into addressing the many bugs and suggestions that have been brought to your attention. It might not put some immediate cash in your pocket, but it is the far more intelligent move in the long run. Once the game is running in such a way that the majority of your players can actually enjoy themselves, whether or not they pay hundreds of dollars, then you can focus on advertising and getting new players into the game. Once you've done that, THEN start worrying about events like May Day.

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Re: May Day Event

Postby Master Sword » Thu Apr 27, 2017 11:29 pm

Dear Allende,

Thank you for your advice. Adjustment will be made once our team made a final decision on the issues and concerns you put forward. Please stay tuned.

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