CYber stalking and Gocarman

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CYber stalking and Gocarman

Postby Lorina » Sun Sep 29, 2019 6:30 am

Today it came to my attention that Gocarman s17 had asked in world chat Sonnet for the private and personal details of a certain well known and high ranking player called Titch - the person he asked currently has a mental disability and luckily gave the wrong details - sadly however the player he did ask did willingly give her own personal details as well as height and weight it was done in world chat

but whether he gained this persons facebook details to gain access to other players details is at this stage unknown

Gocarman is on Titches gametous server and is known to cyber stalk players under various alt names - watching the comings and goings of players timing them and creating fantasies about them (see also other posts here by him on forums )

He is also known to impersonate players both here on forums and ingame

He is also known to talk to and respond to his own alts

He will play nice until his fantasies are broken where he will develop a grudge and use pk or world chat as a tool to 'punish' -Gocarman will stalk and harass his targets friends until they leave or stop events making sure the player he is obsessed with is isolated- then laugh about it later

Gocarman will normally stalk those he thinks are female but has on the odd occasion become pretty obsessional about high ranking male toons or toons he wants to play with or against regardless of their wants

GMs have been notified but as it is unlikely they will do anything as Gocarman has stalked a few before and nothing done- so players have left or avoided events world bosses and other

He will swear what he is doing is a joke and no harm meant - but players who do not fit his fantasies or refuse his advances are often at his mercy are left feeling angry, defensive and almost paranoid

If stalking a male he will often target the girlfriend wife or who he perceives to be the girlfriend or wife and visa versa and he will be super nice or nasty to them depending on situation - likewise if you do not have an ingame partner - he will often target your friends to further isolate in order to manipulate the situation

This is a post about how to recognise cyberstalking

Cyberstalking is illegal in most countries

Cyberstalking is a broad term and has many definitions - some include

Stalking is done with the assistance of technology (typically the internet) rather than in person

It is done to make a person feel afraid, threatened, or worried about their safety

It invades a person’s privacy

The stalker monitors the victim’s behavior, threatens them, or makes unwanted advances

The behavior is unwanted or

the victim does not understand that they are being taken advantage of or manipulated

Cyberstalking is or can be considered to be

Someone who uses alts to monitor your coming and goings - they may seem rarely offline

Harassing you on social media or in world chat or forums

Targeting you non stop to show pleasure or displeasure (often in places like arena, world chat, what ever - you will know it when it happens ) and making you feel as though you should miss events or leave the game as a result of their behaviour

Asking for someones personal details without seeking their permission first

Sending unwanted messages

Constantly farming on top or near you (or that of your friends) despite protests about it

Threatening to cause trouble for your friends if you dont behave in a manner they expect

Have a total disregard for the privacy of you and the privacy of those around you

Constantly praising or flaming or insulting you (or those around you to get to you)

Swapping servers to be around you or those you play with

Constantly spreading rumors about you (good and bad) to try and get control of your behaviour

Impersonating you by making alts under your name - or pretending that the alt they are using is you

Creating fantasies about you and those around you

Persistent lying to cover their own tracks or bad behaviour

Constant and unwanted targeting of you in both positive and negative manners

Twisting their own horrendous behaviour to make you look like the bad guy

Asking the person to stop only to have their behaviour to continue or escalate

If you have a problem with cyberstalking please contact gms and if that does not work make a noise about it and worst case scenario please contact your local police about cybercrimes

You do not have to put up with kind of behaviour in any game
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Re: CYber stalking and Gocarman

Postby Gocar man » Sun Sep 29, 2019 7:59 am

i think you're the one stalking me u crazy witch....get a life

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