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Christmas Event

Postby Master Sword » Thu Dec 19, 2019 10:41 pm

The darkness world is about to embrace its first Christmas. Although living at the edge of darkness that was abandoned by Divinity, demons’ expectation for light and good will never die away. Satan’s blessings for Christmas are going to spread over the black earth with fascinating supplies from 00:00, Dec. 23rd 2019 UTC.

# Event Name: Christmas Login Gift
Event Time: 00:00, Dec. 23rd 2019 UTC~00:00,Jan. 12th 2020 UTC
During the event time, you will be able to claim the Christmas login Gift on logging in every day.

# Event Name: Christmas Trials
Event Time: 00:00, Dec. 23rd 2019 UTC~00:00, Dec. 30 th 2019 UTC
During the event time, Santa Clause and Snowman will be showing up in the darkness world. Find and defeat them to earn excellent rewards and event points. Earning event points will promote the event rankings of your alliance. When the events end, all participated players will be rewarded according to the event rankings. The higher your alliance ranks, the better rewards you will get.

1. You will be able to get a treasure box for each Santa Clause/Snowman killed by you and your fellow alliance members.
2. You need to join an alliance in order to participle the event.

# Event Name: Christmas Exchange
Event Time: 00:00, Dec. 23rd 2019 UTC~00:00,Jan. 12th 2020 UTC
The event points you earn by defeating Santa Clause and Snowman can be used to exchange for Hero Shards, resources and other useful items. You can check the event screen in the game to see the items that are available for exchange.

We wish you a happy Christmas hunting!

CoD Team
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