#Fan Page LIKE challenge# is COMING!

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#Fan Page LIKE challenge# is COMING!

Postby Master Sword » Mon Dec 02, 2019 6:34 pm

Hey, Lords. Call of Darkness Fan Page LIKE challenge now begins. If we achieve the goal, a great reward will be given to ALL players in Exile.

Event Time: 3 months after first server launch
Participants: All players

You just need one step: like Call of Darkness Fan page to get free dragonstones and resources to boost your Lord’s XP and raise your castle.

[Goal 1] 50 likes--- Wood*5,000 + Food*5,000 + Draggers*1+ Advanced Recruitment*1 + Dragonstone*50;
[Goal 2] 150 likes--- Wood*10,000 + Food*10,000 + Draggers*3+ Advanced Recruitment*3 + Dragonstone*100;
[Goal 3] 300 likes--- Wood*15,000 + Food*15,000 + Draggers*6+ Advanced Recruitment*6 + Dragonstone*150;
[Goal 4] 450 likes--- Wood*20,000 + Food*20,000+ Draggers*10+ Advanced Recruitment*10 + Dragonstone*200.

Hurry up! LIKE our Fan Page now to achieve that goal!

Notes: This activity is a long-term campaign. The reward will be sent to all players within 5 days after each goal is achieved.


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