Exile 1st Server officially launched!

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Exile 1st Server officially launched!

Postby Master Sword » Tue Nov 26, 2019 8:28 pm

After months of hard work, our brand new MMORTS game Call of Darkness is finally ready to come alive. We are glad to announce that the 1st server is about to be launched:

Server Name: Exile-S001
Time for Launch: 6:00 am, Nov.27th, 2019 UTC

We have prepared plenty of events and bonus rewards for each lord, to tremendously help you get through the early stage of this game much easier.

1. Starting from the 1st day, you will receive a "7-day" gift each day when you log in the game. Resources, speedups and many other useful items are available, that will make sure you don't fall behind of your competitors.
2. We will conduct the selection of the strongest lords in the dark world. The event will be divided into several stages. The most powerful Lord who ranks the highest will receive a super bonus!
3. First-time purchase of gold will double the gold you receive, makes each cent you spend is 100% rebated and even MORE.
4. Every new player who joins in our game will receive the Beginner's gift for FREE.
5. Other FREE rewards and bonuses.

The world has been enslaved by the divinity world for so long, it's time that you embark on the journey to free the chaotic world and take the ultimate throne. Grab your weapons and fight now!

The official website:https://cod.sonetgame.com


CoD Team
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