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Bug Clearance

Postby Master Sword » Mon Jul 06, 2020 12:31 am

My lords,

The game is gaining observation and devotion from more and more people. We have also received a few feedbacks from you. There might be some glitches still existing. We need you to help us improve the game.

This is a long-term campaign starting from today. Here are requirements for you.

 Report the bugs in THIS post;
 The bug you reported shall be different from others;
 A brief description of how bugs are produced is required;
 Screenshots if needed to implement your description shall be provided(optional);
 Bugs shall be 100% reproduced to guarantee the authenticity;
 Leave your in-game nickname.

Once we confirm the bugs you reported are real, you will be rewarded by in-game mail. The more severe the bugs are, the more rewards you will earn. Bugs such as crashes operation error and other functional bugs are considered to be valid. Come to find them!

You may refer to the pattern as below when you are reporting:

Nickname: XXX
How bugs are produced;
Screenshots needed (optional);
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Re: Bug Clearance

Postby shoaibraana118 » Thu Jan 07, 2021 11:39 pm

Glitch is a part of a game. When a game is made the producer makes samedayessay do glitch testing on it. If no glitches are found then the game is launched. Otherwise, it is sent to be fixed and re-tested.

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