Event: Easter Day

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Event: Easter Day

Postby Master Sword » Wed Mar 28, 2018 4:41 am

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Dear Lords,

Your annual Easter egg hunt may be the highlight of the day, but the fun doesn't have to end there. Keeps the party going with the new Instance in the game that can surely make your holiday memories last a lifetime. Plus, get and break Easter eggs, you will get bountiful gifts as a return. Details are as follows:

Event Time: 2018/4/1 00:00 ~2018/4/7 23:59(PDT)
Server: S1-Glaciers

Event 1: Lucky Eggs Break
During the event time, breaking an egg at every 06:00, 12:00 and 20:00 of each day will be rewarded.

Event 2: Easter Eggs Collection
During the event time, senior eggs and primary eggs will refresh in the world map during the event time. You can send your troops to collect eggs. Each kind of egg has upper limits. When members in alliance collect 50 eggs totally, members who have joined the alliance for more than 24hs will get abundant rewards.
Up to 10 senior eggs are collectable every day.
Up to 30 primary eggs are collectable every day.

Event 3: Instance: The City of Death
The City of Death Instance: you can solo or invite your alliance online members to fight. Up to 2 alliance members can be invited for each challenge. Whether challenge succeeds or fails, you and invitees will get rewards accordingly.
Up to 10 assisting rewards are available every day for each invitee.
In the City of Death Instance, the initiator will not lose soldiers. Wounds will be sent to your aid tent. Please make sure your aid tent is large enough to accommodate wounds.
There are not wounds or dead for the invitees.

Come join and get more fun!

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