New Feature: Treasure Map

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New Feature: Treasure Map

Postby Master Sword » Fri Feb 09, 2018 7:53 pm

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A worn parchment roll, a mysterious history enveloped in mist, and a tempting reminder. It is difficult to distinguish the true from the false. It is rumored that someone once had a wealth of money overnight by using the treasure map,and some are therefore destitute. Opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared, so will you be the next fanatic digger?

Starting date: Today

1. Qualities: The treasure map is divided into seven qualities,respectively.
* 1 Star Treasure Map
* 2 Star Treasure Map
* 3 Star Treasure Map
* 4 Star Treasure Map
* Ancient Treasure Map
* Alliance Treasure Map
* Bloody Treasure Map
2. The method of obtaining the treasure map.
* Collect the resource
* Attack the monster
* Donate to the alliance
* Other Events
3. By using the treasure maps in your inventory, the corresponding treasure coordinates appear. Occupy the corresponding coordinate in treasure map, the process bar will show you are digging treasure, When you finish, you need to recall your troops to get treasure rewards.
4. Troops can be attacked before returns. If troops are attacked during digging, winner will get part of treasure accordingly. As a result, the defender returns and loses treasure.
5. When completing the treasure digging, troops will be still stationed but the process bar will show “digging completed”. Troops can be recalled anytime. It will be considered as quit digging if you recall troops before completing digging.
6. The plundered treasure will be sent through in-game mail accordingly after you successfully attack other player's treasure land. Then winner occupies that land which will display being stationed.
7. The treasure will be listed through in-game mail accordingly when troops return to castle.

1. Each kind of treasure map can be acquired up to 5 times a day, except treasure maps got from events and purchase.
2. Members of the alliance can also win rewards after the alliance's treasure got digging.
3. The treasure map can be destroyed. It will prompt "destroy the treasure map" with "confirm" and "cancel" buttons.

There are many treasures hidden in the world,and a treasure map is found by a lord who finds the treasure and revitalizes the horde!Since then he embarked on treasure hunting.What would happen to him? Can he find the treasure? Go and see it!

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