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ROT New Server Announcement: Glaciers

Posted: Wed Nov 29, 2017 10:40 pm
by admin
Attention Chiefs,

Welcome to Riot of Tribes, a global MMO war game which needs you to use ideal strategies in real-time wars against monsters as well as other competitors from all over the world. We are excited to announce that our [1st] server, [Glaciers] will be launched at [00:00 Nov. 30th, 2017 PST]

What are you waiting for? Grab your weapons, mass your tribesmen and be ready for the brutal bloodshed battles NOW!

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In this dragon and war glutted world, you will become a chief to forge your own tribe. Collecting resources and upgrading your buildings benefits your rapid growth; building up your relentless legions by training deadly warriors and mighty dragon pets helps your little kingdom rise and thrive in the middle of the war torn land as soon as possible; forging an unbreakable alliance and cooperating with your allies makes you the most formidable nightmare to your enemies and competitors. All of this, conquering and plundering serves only one purpose, which is to initiate an eternal invincible empire.

See you there later!



Re: ROT New Server Announcement: Glaciers

Posted: Fri Dec 08, 2017 7:00 pm
by Theequeen
I am quite fond of your game, as I enjoy each aspect. I was curious when a new server would open since from my knowing the current server is far ahead and the only way to make a dent into your ranking would be the "pay to play" strategy.

I feel many people aren't motivated to keep playing for that reason, if you're as competitive as me and your rank just doesn't move then it kills your vibes. With a new server I feel it will motivate others and Myself! to submerge myself in the game again. At this point on this first server it's a tad bit hard to stay motivated with the "pay to play" bullies on it at the moment. I know this game calls for "War" and all but its getting very Repetitive with the attacks and I'm sure myself and plenty of others would like a fresh start.


Re: ROT New Server Announcement: Glaciers

Posted: Mon Dec 11, 2017 12:47 am
by Master Sword
Hi Theequeen,

As a strategy game, it needs time, wisdom, tactics to develop your Tribe. It is impossible that all players play the game at the same starting line in a server. A competitive even oppressived environment make it more meanings to develop your tribe with your wisdom. A new player is weak and may be attacked often, but he can join a powerful alliance to seek protection; he can create an alliance, attacking and defending with his members; or he can hide himself and develop his Tribes, then scramble for supremacy at an appropriate time......We also believe that you can make yourself able in tactics. Of course, we would open a new server when the old server is in a full saturation. We appreciate your understanding.

Best wishes.