Mother's Day Event

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Mother's Day Event

Postby 1065490 » Thu May 11, 2017 6:35 pm

So I was reading the "example" provided for the 2x VIP experience for the Mother's Day Event, and all I could think was "wow". This company is so *completely* out of touch with its customers. They honestly have no idea who their customer base is, or what it takes to make an online game of this nature succeed (in other words, how to make it profitable).

The biggest WTF?! issue I had was your example. "Hemedy is a new captain in this game, and he *only* recharges 100,000 gold, but gets 200,000 VIP experience and becomes a VIP 10 member." SERIOUSLY?! HAVE YOU EVEN LOOKED AT HOW MUCH MONEY THAT IS?! Your "example" would have had to spend well over $1,000 in order to purchase that much gold! I think I can safely speak for every player but one on both of your servers when I tell you that's NOT going to happen. I would MUCH rather make sure I put a roof over my head, food on my table, and other basic necessities than to spend that kind of money on an online game. That example, more than anything, convinced me just how oblivious you are to your customer base. Before you start trying to subtly imply that we should spend more and more money on this game, how about doing something about the many complaints and suggestions and bugs that have been reported to you? And I mean something MORE than just telling us that you are talking about it or discussing our suggestions. Do you have a test server? Have you actually *tried* any of our suggestions?

And that doesn't even consider the complete *joke* that is your "support center". I currently have FIVE different tickets open in your "support center", and your support team has been busily ignoring them for weeks at a time.

Your game crashed for TWELVE hours, and it is my suspicion that your company spent more time completely oblivious to the fact that there was a problem than they did in actually fixing it. And now you believe that a brand new player who is barely starting the game should spend over $1,000 on the game? Why? So they can be the punching bag of people who earned their CP with a lot more effort and a lot less cash?

Basic economics: there are two basic philosophies to making money. The first is to sell a very expensive product to a relatively few number of people, with a very high profit margin. The second is to sell a relatively inexpensive product to a very large number of people with a relatively low profit margin. When it comes to online gaming, the first philosophy DOES. NOT. WORK! Especially not when the game balance is so very broken in so very many ways.

I stand by what I said regarding the May Day event. You need to stop pressuring people into spending more money until you can fix the various issues (not just bugs, but also the flaws in game mechanics and balance). I've begun to compile a list of the non-bug issues that need to be fixed. I intend to post it on the forums within the next week or so, but I wanted to make the list as complete as possible. So far, I have well over a dozen items. When I post the list, it will be in two parts. The first will be the list, short (as it can be) and sweet. The second part will be very long, and will consist of a paragraph for each item on the list. I will try to explain the problem, and what needs to be fixed and why.

If you want this game to succeed, then I hope you have the sense to do more than just "discuss" the items I bring to your attention. It *can* succeed. It really *should* succeed. It is a terrific game with a wonderful base, but there are parts of the game that need to be scraped away and started over from scratch. And it will never be profitable (in the long run) until you do. This game is either going to wither away and die, or it's going to cost you some money until you get the issues fixed and allow the game to blossom into what it has the potential to be. In the meantime, the only time that developers should spend on events for the game is the time necessary to cancel them. Fix the game before you try to sell it.

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