[Captain Saga]Mother's Day Event

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[Captain Saga]Mother's Day Event

Postby Master Sword » Thu May 11, 2017 9:01 pm

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【Double VIP EXP 】
Event time: May 12th-May 14th, EDT
Server: All servers

Players who recharge during event time are able to get double VIP EXP.
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Hemody is a new captain in this game and he only recharges 100,000 gold but gets 200,000 VIP EXP, and becomes a VIP 10 member.

1. Double VIP EXP are valid only during event time.
2. You are able to get VIP EXP immediately once you recharge.

【30% Off on consumption】
Event time: May 12th – May 14th , EDT
Server: All servers

Players who consumed Gift and gold during event time will be rebated 30% of Gift the next day!

Captain employment、unlock warehouse、compose to open cards、AD instance、items in shop—are on discount!
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During event time, Michelle spent 10000 gold to employ a legendary captain. Then he will receive 3000 gift rebate by mailbox the next day.

Rewards will be delivered to players by mailbox the next day;

【Secret Cargo Recipe Disclosure】
We prepare 8 secret cargo recipes for players to compose and unlock to obtain trade right!
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Instruction for unlocking secret recipe:

Take [Earl Grey card +100] in first line as example: use [VI. knife card +100], [Viking beer card +100] and [Ct. yarn card +100] to compose this recipe. Its successful rate is 20%.
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1. Recipient will be unlocked successfully when you get [Earl Grey card +100] during composing progress.
2. It will be considered as failure if you only get [Earl Grey card +50] by using recipients.

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