Why gocarman now cries on forums ..sour grapes

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Why gocarman now cries on forums ..sour grapes

Postby Lorina » Mon Nov 11, 2019 3:04 pm

Gocarman is a toon on s17 with a CP of about 12million who is able to take out players in the arena that are 25mil cp++ and he is able to to do this in one shot using whats known as a warrior bug - he makes no apolgies about it and says he will grief players with it until sonet fixes it

Despite his bragging about top 10 csa - he also has not done this honestly - he jumps fights with big ones (also well known) so really does not deserve it does he ?

He spams world chat and the forums with gossip about other servers and players and tells tales with of his greatness without mentioning that nearly all of his achievements involve bugs or cheats or jumping out of fights in order to achieve rank or to avoid being pked - In short he is a coward who chooses to get rid of players rather than compete honestly

This is all well known by all on the s17 and 18 cluster

Recently since throne his tears have become more salty than usual and more filled with anger than usual - even making accusations of others cheating

But why does he cry so much now and why is he trying to push players (especially payers) to the other company where he plays ?

History brief
Gocart has never liked empire as guild (or the french) - because of his nastiness towards players including stalking and non stop bug use - the doors have always been closed to him and his friends - in fact one of the things he takes pride in is occasionally talking to someone who is involved with empire

He has demanded merges and to become a member and has created poison and doubts between players and guilds in order to have for himself epic pvp

What he does not realize is that many on s17 and 18 are 30+ yo and do not want drama in their game life - most just want to level and do not care about epic pvp

He has been muted numerous times when empire has previously before merge been in control - because everyone is sick of his non stop venomous monologues which he uses to shame players or to try and get rid of them- just look around the forums his bad predictions and singling out of players and guilds to see some of the methods he uses to do this

(and this is not limited to sonet - he will also use cross server and cross company shaming- even asking random people to join him in ganging up on people on forums )

The present

Empire as a guild after months of being part of the merge - finally won throne - it was not easy and was in fact just dumb luck that none of know if we can replicate or even know if we want to replicate

The first order of business we had - mute gocar who had been ranting in world chat with his usual venom

but after guild leader went off line he started ranting again

about how he wanted to dominate bd9 (with the assumption that some of the bigger watch players would now leave)

he ranted about wanting to join empire - but was denied because he is not a nice person

He ranted also about wanting merges of all guild- which will not happen - empire is a social casual guild and are choosy about players especially after all he has done to both our guild and others including our opponents (he calls this modern warfare)

This is not to say we dont take players - pm the the guild leader there and talk to him if you want to join - keep in mind we must know who you are

So now sad angry gocar instead of focusing on his own guild he leads and seeing what he he can do better for them calls cheating because we finally after months won a throne in a battle that was more or less balanced between guilds

and all of this because he is not wanted by empire and empire as a guild is not interested in becoming server aresholes the way he wishes - in fact many of us get along with our opponents even if it is just polite

So what are these cheats he is complaining about ?

1 while the timers are off - some are able to get into ragnarock

2 being able to get into throne without breaking the barrier

These two things he makes a big deal about - firstly because he is unhappy that the one who usually gets first place in ragnarock didn't on this occasion - what goar does not realise is that the broken timer thing had been heavily talked about in guild so that all players in guild are able to attend events if they wish - lots of things had been tried by many of our players

the jump the barrier thing is available to all players happens on the other company and happened also on 37 games - this has also been heavily discussed in our guild and with others who we like outside of guild including opponents

Strange that gocar being a 37 game player should only mention it when the guild he is jealous of and dislikes get the throne

He also in his accusation did not say that the throne aside from being just luck - was won in the last 5 minutes - so even if anyone jumped a barrier (and even some of our opponents do this) It had no effect on the out come of the battle
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Re: Why gocarman now cries on forums ..sour grapes

Postby Lorina » Mon Nov 11, 2019 3:26 pm

What are gocars goals and what does he hope to achieve?

Gocar has never been shy about his hatred for empire as a guild or its players or the french and has over time systematically scared off or harassed our players until they have left-

I have been told also that in this respect Empire players are not the only ones he targets - but also large paying watch players who he also tries to convince and bully into joining him on s7 gametous where an unrelated guild is now on throne

he will also use alts or mates to try make the game as he sees fit

But why?

he wants players to play the way he want them too -

He wants the server dead so he can dominate with his 12 mil cp

he wants bd9 to himself - or to be able to dominate it

He want merges for epic pvp - regardless of the needs or wishes of other players

He wants despite his shitty attitude to game and players to be adopted and taught how to play (which noone wants to bc he is nasty- despite his sucking to others up since empire got throne )

He wants to feel important and listened to on forums , fb and world chat

he wants big players on both sonet and gamestous to notice him and perhaps see him as a threat

He wants large vips to join him on his server 7 so he can stroke his epeen more and get rid of the guild that has nothing to do with empire

^^he has said all in world chat

And lastly and most of all - if he cant have the way things the way he wants them he will try to force it or noone one will be able to play in peace and he will do this at any cost and above and beyond what any game should be

so there you have it folks

for any questions please find me ingame

Now please kick back and enjoy more of gocars stupid uneducated posts and player / guild harassment posts

This forum is after all full of them

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Re: Why gocarman now cries on forums ..sour grapes

Postby Gocar man » Wed Nov 20, 2019 5:45 pm

i've been thinking to quit playing at sonet sometimes.....
but u guys keep calling me back as if u don't want to lose me
so here i am doing cross server boss alone
u don't need to teach me about it - i find out about it on my own
u once said i'm the smartest player in the server and u're not wrong
my goal is good but i guess it is not allign with you guys
i mean what could be better than single guild holding throne and all cities where everyone can benefit and level up together
no need for war and drama.....
so i'll just leave peacefully and play at gametous and stop posting anything in both forum and world chat
take care and have fun

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Re: Why gocarman now cries on forums ..sour grapes

Postby nicholas.bridgeman » Sat Nov 23, 2019 10:15 am

12m CP? he wouldn't last 2 minutes on S20.... :lol: :lol:

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Re: Why gocarman now cries on forums ..sour grapes

Postby Gocar man » Sat Nov 23, 2019 4:51 pm

nicholas.bridgeman wrote:12m CP? he wouldn't last 2 minutes on S20.... :lol: :lol:

yeah i usually stay around 1 minute coz your server boring as fuck and world chat is so dead
did u guys finally managed to get poseidon like other server?? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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