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New Player Invitation Event

Postby Master Sword » Fri Sep 07, 2018 2:06 am

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With the arrival of more warriors and monsters, many exciting battles lie ahead! But if you want to win big, you can't go it alone. Why not invite some of your buddies? Send them invitation codes and they'll receive amazing New Player Rewards! Better still, you'll get Invitation Rewards when your invitation code is used!

Seize this opportunity and get your buddies together for the party!

Event Time: 2018/9/7 00:00 -2018/11/7 23:59 EDT
Servers: all servers

1. Requirement for new player: character created after 2018/8/21/00:00:01.
2. Each player has a unique invitation code which can invite eligible new players (inviter’s server only).
3. Both inviter and invitee will be rewarded after new player use invitation code.
4. Inviter will be rewarded extra when invitee recharging first time after using invitation code. The more recharges the more rewards.
5. Inviter will be rewarded every time when invitee upgrading 100 levels.
6. New player can log in 7 consecutive days to gain consecutive login rewards.
7. Each new player has only one chance to bind. Each inviter can receive invitation rewards from 5 new players at most.
8. Invitation code can be used before the invitation deadline only. Players who have used code already can stay involved until rewards claimable time.

New players: choose “I’m new player” and enter your friend’s code to claim rewards.
All players: choose “Share”, click “copy” and post it on your Facebook page for showing to your friends.

New player exclusive benefits help you upgrade quickly. Both inviter and invitee will be rewarded. Come on and Invite your friends to win abundant rewards!


SonetGame Team

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